LiteOn LDW401s or NuTec DDW-081?

Greets to everyone! Have been lurking around the forums for the last few days trying to figure out w/c of the 2 dvd writers is better??? :confused:

I only have enough mollah for either of this 2 low-cost dvd writers, the other brands are not readily available here and next higher models are just too expensive as of now, so your suggestions/comments and advice will be very much appreciated.

here’s what i have gathered so far, contenders…

LiteOn LDW-401s

  • supports only +4XR
  • has bitsetting utility
  • can be modified thru firmware to LDW-811s,
  • upgrade will give support +8XR and -4XR
  • has ton’s of utilities
  • more choosy with dvd media
    NU DDW-081
  • supports +8XR and +4XRW
  • has bitsetting utility
  • can be modified thru firmware to DDW-082 (60-40 chance)
  • firmware upgrade will give support -4X
  • users seems to be having problems even with -4X support because of lead-in writing error or something like that

:confused: which one will it be?

btw, please feel free to correct any wrong info i have in here. thanks!

Gosh, that’s a tough one. (LiteOn, LiteOn, LiteOn!) But seriously, there is no third option? What about getting a 451S?

I vote for NuTech DDW-081