LiteOn LDW-851s - Problems with Ritek G04's - I'm fed up. Can I sell this drive?

About 1.5 years ago I purchased a Lite-On LDW-851s drive from Best Buy and I’ve had problems since day one.

By problems, I’m referring to the fact that every DVD-R/DVD+R disc that I’ve written, has had problems in MANY drives. I’ve tried burning movies, data, and games on several types of media (TDK DVD+R / DVD-R, Ritek G04 DVD-R, Taiyo Yuden DVD+R).

Almost every disc I burn has problems.

What upsets me the most is that I ordered 100 Ritek Ridata G04 DVD-R’s when I first bought my drive and even after having 50 of them replaced (from, I’m STILL having problems with them. Whenever I burn anything on them, the PI count is in the hundreds, etc. The discs simply cannot be read.

When I use TDK/TY, the discs seem to work OK, but still not that great. (but PI/PO counts are very low).

I’ve tried almost every firmware version available on this drive and nothing helps the drive when writing to these Ritek DVD’s. So now I have a spindle of 100 DVD-R’s being wasted… (and I’m waaay past the return policy).

So should I just try to get rid of this drive and buy something else? Could I even possibly sell this drive anywhere?

I’ve tried posting to various forums asking to trade my 90 Ritek DVD-R’s for only 50 TDK (or Verbatim, etc), but nobody is willing to help me out.

Anybody have any advice for me?

RiTEK discs are highly variable in quality, i see youve tried every firmware but do you mean just the official firmwares? i suggest you go to the codeguys site and download the Sony VY06 firmware, you need to use omnipatcher id enable the read speed increase and you will have to enable crossflashing, ive had great success using this firmware with G04 in my 851s, also you may want to use the eeprom utility to reset the eeprom arfter youve flashed the drive

[COLOR=Black]@sofakng could you post a few Kprobe 2.4.2 scans? It sounds as if its a media problem but there may be other underlying circumstances that a scan might reveal. Also some system specs might be of some help. Please remember that after flashing new firmware, it takes several burns(or some have done a multi-session burn on one disc) to get to consistent quality. You can save the -R’s for a time when these -R problems are solved…or your next burner that knows how to burn them properly :slight_smile: . As for advice, I’d try some media that is known to get good results, like these inexpensive(USA) Ridata RICOHJPNR01 , and try the newest firmware for your drive(a la Mr Brownstones suggestion :iagree: ), scan everything with Kprobe 2.4.2 and work back from there until you find the FW which works best with your specific drive. Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Try it with other computer or with other OS

Thanks for all of the replies!

I’ll try ALL of your suggestions and post Kprobe scans here.

One quick question… I’m going to flash my 851s using the Sony VY06 bios. I’ve enabled cross-flashing (in the omnipatcher). Should I apply the recommended DVD media tweaks as well? (any other options I should try?)

one hundred discs(CB100=CakeBox100discs)…that should keep you busy for a while…I’d add the recommended tweaks (for 8x R01 burnspeed) and the ‘increase read speed’ and the ‘auto bitset’ to start with and see how that goes. You may choose others based on your results…good luck and keep us posted

Try RICOH R01 and firmware CG3E and you can start burning good quality discs at 8X, have auto-bitsetting and I would recommend to reset your eeprom too.

Ok, I’ve tried recording an .ISO image to my 851s (flashed to Sony VY06 using Omnipatcher, and enabling cross-flashing) using Alcohol 120%.

Here’s the error I’m getting:
17:49:10 DVD Source Info: Session: 1, Track: 1, Length: 4.35 GB / 507:07:07
17:49:12 (F:) SONY DVD RW DRU-700A(1:0): Recording Method/Speed
17:49:12 Recording - DVD DAO - 2.0X (2760 KB/Sec)
17:49:53 (F:) SONY DVD RW DRU-700A(1:0) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 16, Length: 16
S:KEY - 03/0C/00 - “Write Error”
17:49:56 (F:) SONY DVD RW DRU-700A(1:0): Recording failed!
17:49:56 Error message: [03/0C/00] - Write Error
17:49:56 (F:) SONY DVD RW DRU-700A(1:0): Recording failed!
17:49:56 Image file loading aborted!

Different, yet same drive and it sounds like you and I are in the same boat…

The only difference is that I have pretty good +R burns, and nothing on the -R side ever works.

Dont want to sound like a synic, but i gave up on my 451@851s the other day, went out and purchased new 16x drive (Pioneer), best $129 AUS i ever spent! so my only suggestion other than getting a new drive is to try some write strat swaps, i had good results with these on my liteon.


@sofakng S0lar has good advice :iagree: :iagree: that is a good place to start the ‘renewal’ of your drive if you want to start ‘fresh’ and forget trying to troubleshoot your current woes. Media is as critical as firmware(i.e. get the RICOH R01’s!). Expect your first couple burns to be poor but gradually improve. Kprobe 2.4.2 everything @4x scan speed. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m about to order the Ricoh’s from the link posted above.

Can anybody confirm these are the ones I should order:

They are DVD+R which will work just fine in my burner, but do they have equilvant DVD-R’s? (I’ve heard DVD-R is more compatible in DVD players, etc).

Also, are the DVD’s in the link above the correct Ricoh R01 JPN’s? As soon as I get confirmnation from somebody I’m going to press the order button!


Thanks for all the help!!

The customer reviews on the site dated yesterday say so.

@sofakng yes those are the correct discs to can read the newegg reviews. You can change the ‘booktype’ (+R,-R) to ‘DVD-ROM’ which will read in any dvd player. The disc will be a ‘+R’ but the booktype will be 'DVD-ROM. This is called ‘bitsetting’. When you flash your drive to firmware CG3E in OmniPatcher, check the box labelled ‘auto bitsetting’ and this will always set your booktypes to dvd-rom…cool huh? Thank the Codeguys for that, as well as the firmware and the Omnipatcher!!

Yeah, I was aware of bit-setting, but I thought that maybe DVD-R discs were created differently than DVD+R (eg. it was written to the DVD differently… or something), but from what you’re saying it sounds like they are the exact same but use a different book type.

Anyways, I’ve ordered that 100 pack from Newegg. Hope they get here soon (I didn’t do rush processing though… it seems like a waste).

I’ll post back with my results.

In the meantime if anybody has any other suggestions for me please let me know.

Thanks again!

My personal experience is that setting the book type isn’t always going to get the media to work in all drives. There are some drives (and I don’t remember which ones) that just won’t read DVD-ROM set DVD+R discs. Of course the cheaper DVD players with PC based DVD drives will work, but not some of the specific STB DVD players that don’t use the PC DVD drives.

A majority of my burns are + media, but I do have specific reasons for -R and the liteon drive won’t allow me to make these discs.

These people are giving you good advice about the Ricohjpn’s. My litey 451@832S loves em. Also litey’s prefer +r media and with the bitsetting to dvd-rom tool in omnipatcher, your dvd+r’s will be just as compatable as dvd-r’s. The only way I could get an acceptable burn on G04’s was to burn them at 2x and then there was no guarantee. I burn the Ricohjpn R01’s at 8x all the time with no problems.

If you want to sell it, how much?

Ok, well I got my Ricoh JPN01’s today and they seem to work pretty good. I’ve re-flashed my LDW-851s with the CG3E firmware and burned my first Ricoh JPN01 DVD+R disc.

The data on the disc was about 2500 small files totaling 4.7 GB.

Below is the KProbe2 result… Can anybody tell me if this is a good burn or not?

@ sofakng Not a bad first burn, but the PIF spikes are a bit high/thick. Does this disc play or does it freeze in spots? That is always the ultimate test. You should expect better results. You want your PIF’s to be <4. Single spikes >4 are ok, but several together are not. More info here .Try a few more burns and see. It usually takes a few burns for results to improve. You also need to upgrade to Kprobe 2.4.2 and scan @4x and save your scans as .png…the .bmp are too big :slight_smile: It may be interesting to rescan this disc with the new kprobe just to see the difference :wink: