Liteon LDW-851S not detecting DVDs



Hi all,

Hope you can help with this problem. I have a Lite-on LDW-851S DVDRW. It will happily read and burn CDs, but will not detect DVDs of any variety, including commerical DVD-roms of films. I have tried to access/format media with various software, including Nero 6 (latest update) and Sonic myDVD (as came with the drive), plus a couple of different freeware tools. Have upgraded to the latest firmware (GS0P) to no effect. I’m running winXP SP2 at the moment, though it doesn’t work on my Mandrake partition either. Also have a Sony DVD-ROM used only for watching films which is fine.

Would be most grateful for any guidance you can offer. Thanks.



LauraRhian, wecome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it sounds a bit like the dreaded OPU problem (laser). The CD and DVD lasers are separate. About the only things you can try is to make sure the drive is the only drive on the cable and to also try the drive in another system…


Thanks, that’s annoying. It doesn’t work in my friend’s PC either, so looks like I’ll have to send it back for repairs.

Thanks for your help anyway.



Ah! I didn’t realise that. Might explain some of my problems.

Can OPU problems be “partial” or is it usually “all or nothing”? My DVD reading/writing ability, which I formerly thought was completely gone, has after some experimentation proven to be very poor but still possible under certain circumstances.

If I put a recorded DVD-R in the drive and leave it to whirr for maybe 2-5 minutes eventually it might recognise the disc about 50% of the time. After that I can easily read it, transfer files etc. It isn’t disc specific though - sometimes the same disc will never be recognised, other times it can eventually be “seen”.

My drive (SOSW 852S) still completely refuses to recognise any blank DVD media no matter how long I leave it.