LiteON LDW-851S a useful scanner?



Hi guys,

I’ve found somewhere selling a few new retail box LiteON LDW-851S drives at $13 each. I’m considering buying one JUST for the scanning capabilities.

At the moment, I’ve got a DW1620, DW1640, and DW1650, so I’m thinking it would be nice to get a drive based on a different chipset for scanning.

Do you guys have any thoughts?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I had one (and crossflashed it to an SOHW-832S), it was my first ever DVD burner…used it a bit for scanning before it died, it was OK. Not sure if I’d buy another though. :slight_smile:


At $13 I’m too much of a CDFreak not to buy one just for fun.

I would choose another LiteOn drive for scanning however, because you won’t get meaningful jitter scans or TA scans with drives earlier than 5S.

Not having an 18x/20x Liteon myself, from the scans I’ve seen so far I’d still prefer a 6S drive for DVD scanning.

All LiteOn DVD burners are a poor choice for CD scanning, however, partly because they only show E31 as C1 and partly because they are too good readers compared to other drives. Your BenQ 16xx drives with the Advanced Disc Quality scanning of CDSpeed are far more useful CD scanners.


That was my reason for the “Not sure if I’d buy another” remark :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input, guys. I ordered :slight_smile:

Lukcily, I’m not too concerned about the lack of jitter/TA scans because it will only be used as a second opinion when necessary :slight_smile:


Ah, maybe a new-old burner is good. I just inherited an old 8x LG drive in working order :slight_smile:


Maybe it would be sweet with CG5M :slight_smile:

I saw some SOHW-832S in a shop only a few months ago, but at the price (€ 50) :eek: I didn’t bother to buy. For the same price I could have bought the latest and greatest too…