Liteon LDW-811S won't work with Roxio Videowave5 power edition

When I get to the burning step, Videowave won’t recognize the device. I tried installing their updates and I updated the firmware for the Liteon to HSOK.

I also have DVD X copy and it works fine with it. We made a backup copy of a DVD and it played just fine on our DVD player.

I hope someone here can help me. The Roxio support is not very good.

Did you install the drive updates, the various application updates in the Roxio suite of apps or both? I had some problems with the DVD disc copier until I installed the drive updates. (I had aleady installed the various app updates.)

I wouldn’t say Roxio support isn’t very good. I would say it is non-existent. They never responded to my plea.

I did both – install the Roxio software updates and the DVD drive firmware update, but it still didn’t work.

I did finally get a response from Roxio yesterday. They said to uninstall and reinstall. But first remove any remnants of the ROXIO software off the machine and any other video editing software.

Since this is a brand new computer, I haven’t installed any other video editing software, yet. They also said to bring up msconfig and disable all startups and hide all Microsoft services, then reinstall. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m kind of skeptical about it working.

When I produced the final edited video to the hard drive, I noticed there’s an audio/video sync problem. Any answers for that problem? Any suggestions for a better video editing software? I still want to turn my digital camcorder movies to DVD.

Roxio sucks…

Why not give Sonic MyDVD a try. Easy too use…
Bundled with the drive. (In Europe anyway)


Yes, I have the Sonic MyDVD that came bundled with the drive but I haven’t installed it yet. Maybe I’ll give it a try instead of reinstalling Roxio.

Just to let you know that I did try the suggestions from Roxio support. I followed it step-by-step and I still couldn’t get Videowave to recognize the dvd burner.

I give up. I’m going to try Sonic MyDVD.