LiteON LDW 811S -> What's the best firmware for this drive?

Hi all! I’m a noob and just helping out a friend who has this type burner. I want to be able to change the bitsetting, riplock & RCP1 settings and just wondering what’s the best firmware/flasher out there for this burner. TIA

HS0K was probably one of the better firmwares that supports bitsetting but it will really depend on the media that your friend ends up using.

Check out the FAQ at the beginning of this forum for more information about bitsetting, riplock and RPC1. :wink:

Personally HS0R is the best for me. Also depends on media used. In some cases you will have no choice but to use HS0R (for example if you are using some verbatim DVDs, MCC if I am not mistaken, you will need to use HS0R for full support).