Liteon LDW-811s Flashing orange

I just got his from Newegg and after flashing it with DR8HS0E from liteon web page and rebooting All I get is a flashing orange indicator and it will not stop flashing. Bios sees it. I have the drive setup in on cable select and it is seen as slave. If I put a DVD in the drive see’s no media. Anybody run into this and how did you fix it?

Drive was dead RMA with Newegg the fedex overnite a new one it works great with Beall +R and -R only at 4x , Ricoh +R burned at 8X and Ricoh -R at 4X.

I ordered one also (LDW-811S) fro Ateck Computers in N.J. on Tuesday morn Dec. 2 and expected to have it by Dec. 5, since I live in S.E. Mich. …I called Ateck Computers 3 times on Monday December 1, to verify that they had it in stock, but the lady that answered the phone could not speak English, after getting someone that spoke English, I was told that it was in stock if there is a “Buy” option next to it on their website, which there was. …Now on Thursday eve I find out that it never was in stock and should be in by tomorrow Friday Dec. 5. …Told them that if they do not ship it out by tomorrow, that I will cancel my order, …what scheisters, …will never order from “Ateck Computers” from N.J. again. …Should have ordered from “NewEgg”… . Still looking forward to getting the 811S.

Ateck Computers, Inc.
6 month rating: 6.25
Life time rating: 6.29
Lite-On 811S: $150 shipped (+ Tax where applicable)

6 month rating: 9.82
Life time rating: 9.71
Lite-On 811S: $149 shipped (+ Tax where applicable)

Source of rating:

I hope you learned from your mistake.

I took a gamble because “Ateck” Computers in N.J. is much closer to S.E. Michigan than Neweg out of California, …hoping to have received delivery much sooner. …But as you point out, the proof is in the puddin as to where they on customer satisfaction. I canceled my order Friday eve after checking on my order status and seeing that my order still showed as “processing” … so I called and “canceled”. Just hope they credit my credit card for the full $150, since they never even shipped it out.

So, now I am back to square 1, and will probably order my burner today fron “Newegg” …however now I have second thoughts on “what to get”? …It’s either the Lite-on or the Optorite or Nutech, …or? …Any suggestions or info would be appreciated, thanks much. :bow: