Liteon LDW 811-S

Hi to all people, i’m new in this forum, I’m from spain & i bought that DVD-RW unit (LDW 811S) a couple of moths ago.

This unit works perfectly at 4x with DVD+/-R, and i’ve used it only one time to toast at 8x with an specyfic disc for 8x, in 8 minutes.

Now is available in any shops here dual layer discs, but this unit doesn’t allow it, the same that doesn’t allow 8x speed recording DVD-R (difference between 812S :frowning: )

I’d be interested in know all about firmware updates & methods for improving my unit, refering these questions:

1- Is it possible to reach higher writing speed (8x in dvd-r or dvd+rw)???
2- Is it possible to write dual layer discs with any firmware update??

Sorry about my questions, but i’ve been looking in forums about these concretly model & i’ve not reached many information.


It is not possible to upgrade the writing specifications of the LDW-811S in any way. No dual layer writing nor writing to DVD-R discs at 8x.