LiteOn LDW 811 S Burning Problems

Hey guys,
I would like to do some brainstorming, with you guys if you dont mind. I have a LiteOn LDW 811S DVD Burner, and I am getting an access I/O Violation when trying to access a DVD RW. Even sometime as I finsh formating a disc when I go to access the disk it cause an access I/O violation, while other times it hapens in the middle of backing up some stuff or when i go and retrieve the info. I am using DLA software from Sonic that came with my DVD drive, and from the threads I have read here, I have followed someones suggestion and upgraded the firmware on my DVD drive. I like the Drag and Drop options of sonic, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any thing else that could be causeing this error. When it does happen The only way I can get access to the disk is using DVD Rescue and recover the software that way. I was wondering if anyone else knew what could be causing this error. Also if some one can tell me if theirs and easy way of switching between DLA and UDF formats without installing/uninstalling one or the other, that would also be of great help. As I understand it their incompatible with each other, and if I am taking a DVD RW disk to move files to another machine after usiing the drag and drop option the other machine wont read the disk, since it doesnt contain the same software. I remeber with UDF at least the reader was already put on the disk and if the computer didnt have it, it could be installed so any machine could read the disk.
Any Help is Greatly apreciated.

Don’t know what OS you are using but with XP you can put a disk in you dvd burner. Open your burner up in my computer and drag and drop or copy and paste the files in it (you will have to keep track of how many gig’s you put in it ) when you fill it up or put what you want in it. Click on file and write files to cd and it will burn them. Should read the disk on the other machines.

Hey rolling56,
I am using XP. I and I know about checking for disc space. What I am doing is creating a directory on the disk, then cuting and pasting files from my hardive into the directory, as you would when your moving files around on your hardrive. I am not going though and burning everything at once, what I am doing is burning some files or what ever I have selected, and if thats it, then pop disk out. Next time I want to add more fies to the disk, then pop the disk back in and transfer more files. It burns what ever I am moving to the disk at the time, and waiting till I compile files of a disk for it to burn. Thats the way I perfee so I don`t have to wait till I get 4 gigs on my hardrive before I back something up.

You need to burn but not CLOSE the disk so you can add to it. I think Nero will do that and others with that option. DLA have an option to not CLOSE the disk after burning?

hey Rolling56,
I know and I might have to do it that way in the future. When I use to use my cd burner I didnt even have to close the session. I coud have just put lets say 200 megs on to a CD RW then take it over to a friends comp, install the udf reader if it wasent already installed, get access to the disk, then bring it back to my computer and keep adding stuff to it, without closing the session. At that time I was using adaptec software. Now I don`t know weather this DVD RW thing is different or that DLA is not capible of doing that. Like I say latey I have been just copying and pasting, and for some of it, it worked, but there are other disk, that I am getting an access Violation error even just after I formated the disk, so there has to be something going on.

is DMA turned on? Not sure what would be causing the access violation. Seems like something is still running the drive while you are trying to access it. Something in the back ground maybe?

DMA, is turned on, and as far as I know theres nothing runnig in the background that would cause that. Another thing, is that sometime after I get the error I can go back and in and open the disk fine, but my files don`t show, up yet it shows, how much of the disk I have use and how much is left, which is strange. I have a question pending right now with sonic, and see what they say about.
I am curious if anyone else who had a Lite On Drive has had any similar problems.