Liteon LDW-451s @ SHOW 832s PROBLEM,please help!

Hi guys!

SOme time ago, I flashed mi ldw-451s to show-832s following a guide I found on this forum, in order to be able to burn dual layer dvds.

But after the flashing, the burner itself works correctly, but I just cant burn dvdr-DL, so it’s the same as before, can only write on dvd5.

I remember there was a list of firmwares, and I chose one of the “compatible ones” but I dont remember WHICH one, so I think I might have chosen a bugged/uncompatible one.

Funny thing is tath nero, alcohol120, ecc… correctly reckognize the burner as DL capable, but when I click on “write” they just freeze at 0% and I must terminate the program.

Can sbody give me EXACTLY the correct link to the correct version of the firmware??’ Thx!!

^+R DL, you mean. Which DL media are you trying to use? Verbatim, I hope…

Yeah, verbatim data life plus dvd+r 2.4x certified.

The tools you mentioned suck for DL burning!

Use ImgBurn or ImgToolBurn instead.

In fact, It was Nero tath is a piece of sh*t, I tried with Gear Pro mastering edition 7 and it works.

I have a problem as well and I have no idea what is wrong.

A friend of mine gave me a LDW-451S and two burned DVD’s to go with that. However, the machine tells me they are blank CDs, although I can physically see they’re written.

Second, it plays my CSI DVD’s, but no sound when the episodes start, I do have sound with the starting tunes and menus… It also plays normal CDs.

Can someone help me out here? I would appreciate that.