Liteon ldw 451s dvdrw not reading DVDs



i am having a weird problem…my drive is reading and burning CDs but is not recognizing dvd’s AT ALL, wen i got it this happen but i upgraded the firmware and it worked but now it’s gone back like b4 even with new firmware…i tried alot of stuff …any ideas?
it’s ldw 451s dvdrw on secondary master, and liteon sohr cdrw as slave


have you done the usual checks, dma setting enabled?, hard drive not fragmented?, could try cleaning the lense, what exactly happens, does the disc just spin round?


yip, i can hear it, it reads and burns cds jus fine but dvd even seein dvds


and yeah alll checks checked ALOT


@ scruff76
Try going to ‘device manager’ and deleting the ide channel your burner resides on and restarting your computer. Windows will reinstall the drivers. Sometimes that will help things…and sometimes not. Also check the cable for tightness on both end connections.
You could also try to upgrade(‘crossflash’) your drive to an sohw-832.


tried it tried it tried it…i am totally confused it jus stopped reading dvds , i got it to read one some how but pc blue screened 2 second later