Liteon LDW-415S - LtnRPC - Void Warranty?

I have been using my LDW-415S for some weeks now and changed it to RPC1 using LtnRPC. All worked well.

Yesterday, after burning 2 DVD’s sucessfully, the drive decided to not recognise any media, blank DVD’s or written DVD’s.

I propose to return it under warranty and ran LtnRPC again to set it back to RPC2. That worked fine, but it is how showing as Region Code = None. I seem to be unable to set it back to Region 2 without it recognising a Region 2 DVD being played.

So three questions

  1. Is it a problem that it is showing Region Code = None and will that void the warranty?

  2. Is there a way of setting the region code to 2 without it recognising media?

  3. Am I missing the whole point and is there a simple explanation as to why it won’t recognise any media ? (It looks fine in Control Panel and with Nero InforTool, except that no media is showing).

I’ve trawled numerous threads, but can’t see the best way ahead. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

:confused: & :sad:

I would try the drive in another PC to see if it is indeed something wrong with the drive.
I don’t think LiteOn will worry whether or not your used LtnRPC. Technically it does void your warranty. But I don’t think they will worry about it.

Region Code = None could mean that the drive just isn’t set to a region. Playing back a region locked disc in software like PowerDVD should let you set the drive to the region of the disc. If you have never done this before, then your drive would not yet be set to a region.

Can’t find an emotion for ‘red faced embarrassment’.

Did as suggested and put drive in another machine, it didn’t want to open. So pressing the eject button a few times and out came the tray with a polystyrene disk lying it. The sort of disc that they put on the top of a cake box of DVD’s !!!

Now this is removed the drive works fine again and your suggestions worked brilliantly,

Thanks for the help.

Originally posted by UrbanSpaceman
Can’t find an emotion for ‘red faced embarrassment’.

It’s this one: :o

BUT don’t feel bad! I’ve done things way more embarrassing then that in my day! :iagree: