LiteOn LDW-411S



Howdy folks,

Anymore news/updates on how this firmware is going? Any expected release date? :slight_smile:

Not trying to be pushy or impatient … just curious :slight_smile:



if there were any updates, u would’ve definitely seen a post on it already.


hi AZ,

When I say said “updates” I actually meant information updates … such as whether they had fixed the -R playback problem.



yeah, that kind of info would be posted immediately, especially since so many ppl are anticipating the retail release of the 411S.


True, I have the feeling that this is going to be a very popular drive!!



Seems like they’ve got it working alright. Some reviewers have received word that the drive may soon be on the way.

I’d still guess that we’ll see the drive sometime on October.


Thanks again for the info dhc, it’s very much appreciated.