LiteOn LDW-411S Smart burn

Does smart burn mean that you will not get under runs? i.e. you will not waste and produce coasters?

SmartBurn will avoid many coasters, but of course it’s not 100% safe. The majority of coasters with a DVD burner are caused by bad media.

Yes, it will not fail because of buffer under-runs. It may still fail because of bad media though as Lvsitano said.

Does anyone know how to disable smartburn on the LDW-401S, as I have some media that burnt fine at 4 speed on my Sony (now broken) but nero will only let me burn it at 2.4 with the 401.

That is not possible as far as I know. It’s only possible for their CD-Writers, not DVD-Writers…

Is this Bulkpaq or mirror DVD+R media? As this media is known as crap quality discs…

The discs are ones I purchased from this link;

I’m not too bothered about the issue really, the advertisement clearly states that they are not likely to be 4 speed compatibile with all writers, I was just interested to see if they would burn okay at 4 speed with the 401S. I purchased them for non crucial stuff, as they are dirt cheap as far as the UK goes, and I have some quality discs for anything that matters.

I have been using them for video projects to see what combination of file types (SVCD on DVD, etc.) I can get to play on my player, and am having to go with +R’s as I cannot find a +RW that will work on my Sony DVP-S525.

Thanks for your interest anyway, I will have to put up with the extra 7 minutes burn time!

MAN! u guys in the uk hvae a variety of +r media to choice from!

must be nice!

im stuck with mostly ricoh
its okay but i can not find any GREAT media at any price below $5.00

Yes, that is what I though, made by some unknown company, discs is identified as MEDIA ID001. To my experience these discs sucks pretty bad.