Liteon LDW-411S only burning dvds at 2.4x!?

in the past with previous disks it has burned faster but i got these memorex dvd+r’s and now it will only burn them at 2.4x why is this and how do i fix it.
i tried to load my firmware i downloaded from liteon into MediaCodeSpeedEdit but for some reason it wont load am i doing something wrong… how do i fix this i got about 100gigs to burn!

well i used eeprom to make it a 811s still no luck i even loaded omni patcher and made everything in the list write @ 4x saved it then ran it. only thing that comes up in nero is still 2.4x… what gives?@!#

Memorex - avoid that crap. Really.

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Your problem is most probably related to the fact memorex media ID is not present in 411/811 firmware.
Use DVD Identifier to get full media information.

If you can’t find your Memorex media ID in current firmware, read FAQ at top of page and you’ll find guide how to add unsupported media to your firmware.

BTW, Memorex media is not that bad as chef says.

i figured it out by reading other threads and stuff now i can burn up to 8x. im burning at 4x right now. my question now is should i go up to 8x or stick with 4x and 6x?

Every drive is individual so I can’t give you an ultimate answer.
My 411@811 burned RICOHJPN-R01 sweet at 8x speed but couldn’t handle Verbatims (MCC-003) that good at same speed.
You will have to try it out by burning a few discs at 4, 6 and 8x speed. Use KProbe to determin the quality of burns.
Even more important is to check how your discs play back on other drives and your stanalone DVD player.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

im just burning movies as data dvds

Good point, but 90% of Memorex DVD media is crappy. :bigsmile: