Liteon LDW-411S installation

I just bought a new Liteon LDW-411S DVD burner and will be installing it tomorrow.

What I planned on doing is adding a promise controller card and running it off that since I have two hard drives hooked up to my primary IDE, and a CD-RW and a ZIP drive hooked up to my secondary IDE.

Sound like a decent plan ?

Anything I should know about before the install ?

Any help or comments would be appreciated !!!


I’d put your Slave hard drive onto the Promise controller and then hook up the 811S as Primary Slave in its place.

Why do you say that ? I installed it last night and it appears that I can only use one of my two CD-RW/CD-RW-DVD drives. Could that be the problem ? (I have a Liton 52x32x52 CD-RW on the master secondary IDE and a ZIP drive on the slave secondary IDE). I tried doing some testing with Nero speed and the CD-RW kept tellng me to insert a CD. Right now the CD-RW-DVD is hooked up to the controller. Do I have to switch over to the CD-RW “somewhere” to use it ?

Appreciate your help !

Optical drives do normally not work good on promise or highpoint IDE controllers.

I suggest using the promise controller for harddrives only - or else you may run into strange problems.

Such as ?


the promise card will lock any and all optical drives in PIO mode, limiting all speeds to 16x max on CDR. It will do this in spite of showing them in UDMA mode. This is a well-known bug in the Promise and Highpoint cards.
Use the card for your HDs, MB IDE for opticals, you will be happy with the results.

How would it work if I ran my two HD’s on the primary IDE, the two optical drives on the secondary IDE, and the ZIP on the promise ? The only thing I realyy use the ZIP for is automatic backups. If that’s not a good idea, what’s best- my OS HD as master on the primary and one of the optical drives as the slave, or both HD’s off the controller ?

Thanks for the help !

Just move both the HD’s to the controller, but be sure you have the controller driver installed B-4 you make the move.

O.K., but one more question- what would work the best for the remaining two opitical dirves and he ZIP ? The ZIP alone on the Secondary and the and the two optical drives on the Primary IDE ?

Thanks !

Depends on what you will do with them. If you want to access 2 of the drives from separate processes at the same time, they should be on different channels.
Zip drives are known to prefer being alone on a channel too, they can cause issues with some optical drives.