Liteon LDW-411S and Verbatim 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)


I’m having weird problem with Verbatim 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00) media.

Burning goes always well. I test every DVD+R after burning with K-Probe. Values for 2 out of 3 are something like PI=3 and PO=0.100 but one third is giving me a headache.

Values are about PI=1000 and PO=5. But if I take this kind of DVD+R and run for example Nero’s DVD Speed test it seems like everything is ok. Also that LDW-411S can read this disc all the way through.

This kind of disc also works in my standalone player from start to finish.

If I have this kind of figures with some else media it causes problems with speed, standalone player and even makes the disc unreadable with LDW-411S.

Is there someone else having same problems with this drive and media? It seems like it’s not bad media or burn … seems like K-Probe doesn’t like 1/3 of Verbatims…

Weird that 2/3 discs are magnificient and 1/3 total crap …

Any idea?

I have some of the same problems with ricohjpnr00 and ricohjpnr01, some experiences:

-This only happens with disc written by the LDW-411S - discs written by other writers do not have this problem.
-Scanning the disc at 2X or max speed in K-probe will often give better results with those discs that gets bad results at 4X.

This problem seems limited to a few disc types (ricoh and ritek, maybe a few others) and only when written by Lite-On writers.

All in all I’m pretty confused :confused: by this “problem”.

In fact I scanned those discs with the same speed I wrote them = 2.4x and I haven’t had any problems with other media than Verbatim. Tried also other RICOHJPNR00 and RICOHJPNR01 media.

Does those discs work in standalone player and have you trusted the quality (not re-burned)?