LiteON LDW-411 Review LDW-811s release date?

Where can I find a LDW-411 review and also when will we start seeing the LDW-811s appearing it was released almost 3 weeks ago but haven’t seen any. Also if you could point me to an Optorite review that would be nice seems that people like that drive quite a bit as well.


LDW-811S should be in the stores any day now. Already sold a few places and many testers have got samples already (not me though).

My LDW-411S review is on the way (But do not expect it the coming week).

Usually many optorite drives is made by/based on sany drives and you may check out our: Sanyo CRD-BPDV2 review

The LiteOn LDW-811S-01C is already available,
for example at

Price for the retail box €189,- plus postage and packing

Andy :smiley:

You can find a full review of the Liteon LDW-411 here at epinions

Don’t bother waiting for the 811. It is bananaware. That means they push it out the door before it is ripe and wait for it to ripen at the customer. Read some early tests on it, and the unit produced way to many errors when writing 8x. Clearly not in a stage yet where you want to shell out mega bucks for this. Rather buy the 411, which you can get around 80 USD at Compusa and then come back in a year and buy an 8x that has the bugs ironed out. Right now there are not even media available for 8x !