Liteon LDW 401s@811s - CD problems




My ldw 401s@811s was having no problems untill recently. Now it does not seem able to burn any CD media, and sometimes would crash to stop completely. It also won’t allow me to erase and burn cd-rw discs.

Please does anyone know what is wrong?

PS. there doen’t seem to be a problem with burning dvds, i burnt one yesterday with no problems.

Thanks!!! so so much! :bow:


Will it read CDs? For example, pressed ones or burned ones?



yes and no.

  1. it reads some cds i have already burnt but…
  2. it doesn’t seem to recognise cd-rw discs and blank cds, it says i should put a burnable disc into drive.
  3. it also won’t allow me to erase cd-rw with comtent already on, nor does it let me see the content already on the disc.

do you know what might be the problem?

Thanks so much for your help


That could be a software config or hardware problem. Test your drive in a different PC.


i don’t know how to take the drive out of the pc, never actually opened my pc before.

is there anything else i can do? do i need to re-install the eeprom? sorry i am not very good with this.


Do not touch the eeprom. The laser used for cd writing could be worn out. Did you install any software shortly before the problem started ?


no, i didn’t install any software. but i can still burn dvds with no problem.