Liteon LDW-400 and Sony DRU-500A Question

I crossflashed my Liteon LDW-400 (fw 1.2d) to a Sony DRU-500A (fw 2.1A)

After this I noticed that this Sony Drive has Riplock for DVD-Video. It is locked @ 2x for CSS DVD-Video and 2.4x for DVD-R with DVD-Video inside.

There’s a way to unlock this drive?

Or better go back to Liteon fw 1.2d?


There never was a way to remove the riplock for the Sony DRU-500A. The Sony firmware is newer, and recognizes more media than the Liteon firmware, but at 2x it is dog slow for ripping. With new 16x drives available for under $40 at Newegg, your best bet is to retire that Liteon/Sony.