LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD166S Problems



After reinstalling my system (Win98SE) my Liteone DVD Drive HD166S dosent show any DVD Movies (Not with Power DVD or WinDVD4). Sometimes i can explore the DVD files, and sometimes not. And sometimes it´s shows the first picture of the Movie Titel Screen and than the screen freezet. A Firmeware Update dosent fix the Problem and i dosent found a new Windows Driver (not with google, not on or somewhrer else.)
Windows recognize the Drive as XJ-HD166S Drive, but installed a CD-Rom Windows default driver. I think, thats could be the problem. But were i can find an Windows default DVD driver or lite on driver???
Can someone help me???


Run “Windows Update” ( and look for the Secondary IDE fix…infact you should really install every single update provided by M$, but this is only practical if you have Broadband.

Didn’t realise anyone was running 98SE anymore…XP, though not perfect, is far more stable than 98SE if your PC has the welly to run it, 7-800MHz processor or higher with 512MB RAM should do the trick fairly effectively.


Hi. I’ll just post my JLMS XJ-HD166S problem here, instead of opening another topic. My drive came with the DS1C firmware preinstalled. But I’m having rather unusual problems that noone else (here) seems to be having. My computer becomes totaly irresponsive when copying data from discs, be it CD,CDRW or DVD±. But the copy speed is fine, 4-5MB. As soon as I press pause in the copy dialog (totalcmd), the computer starts responding again. I’m running win 2003; 600c@900; 512MB. This issue was present on my previous p3 also. Any clues anyone? Or is the drive defective?