According to Nero Infotool the 163 DVD-ROM with Firmware GH5X doesn’t support DVD+R/W

I’m wondering if this drive can read DVD+R discs burnt with the booktype bitsetting tool set to DVD-ROM?
Or do I have to get myself a new DVD-ROM drive that supports DVD+R/W?

It does not supports it officially but practically it does read them really easily… at least mine :wink:

No need to change booktime :wink:


Thanks for the answer.

I just burned a That’s Write 4x DVD+R (Ricoh) disc with my LiteOn LDW-411S and contrary to what Nero Infotool says, my LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD 163 DVD-ROM can read the disc!!!

Why doesn’t Nero Infotool report what my DVD-ROM drive can read correctly?

Anyway I’m happy now that I know my DVD-ROM can read both DVD “-” and “+” formats :slight_smile:

Who knows how Nero works? You’re generally lucky IF it works ;>)

But my 163 is the same as yours, and reads +R just fine.

Well not Nero’s fault here.
The drive contains some flags (in firmware if I’m correct) that progs can read, these flags indicates what are the capabilities of given drive.

Simply the flags are not set concerning the 163 and a lot of other dvd reader/writer. That way they do not pay royalties :bigsmile:

Absolutely true, my own DVD-ROM used to be a Memorex 16Maxx DVD-ROM (GWH2 firmware) Using Nero infotool, it showed that the drive would not support DVD-R nor DVD+R…

Too bad, it used to work with DVD+R :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that it is converted to JLMS XJ-HD 163 DVD-ROM (firmware GH5Y, and I only modded the firmware to do the conversion), Nero Infotool (same version as previously) reports that DVD-R and -RW are supported, but still no DVD+R support !

Too bad once again, it still works with DVD+R :bigsmile:


Changed old fw version to the correct one ! And beware that my old Memorex was a DVD-MAX1648 AJ, an OEM LTD-163

Whats the disadvantage of loading the fastest firmware?



You Choose:

Faster reading or Quality reading…

If you need to recover a scratched disc, the factory fw will read the disc better than faster fw…