Liteon-it 451S dvd burner

has anybody had any problems with the booktype settings upgrade for the liteon-it 451S. I’ve downloaded and installed it and it appears to be working correctly but still won’t play on my tv set dvd player.

Well, lets see

why isn’ replying anyone…
Little tip, give more info on what your prob is. with your topic there are two ways:

  • get the latest firmware (GSBO7)

  • and use the booktype tool

  • make shure to do these steps:

    Open the booktype tool
    Select the type you want
    press change, and booktype is set
    Don’t close the program, just minimalize it (this mistake commen made by everyone, to close the program. the booktype tool needs to be opend during burning!)

Start your burning app and go…

If you still have the problem with nero hanging, try an other burning program. for example copy to DVD works fine with in combination with mijn 451

good luck

Also, to verify the bootype has been changed afterwards use DVDInfoPro.
Have a read through the official thread which can be found in the bit setting area in my tools guide (link is in my signature).

With my 451S, booktype 1.04 and Nero work (very) bad.
Burning is OK but the result is many reading errors on the end of dvd +r or dvd +rw. Problem occurs with very good media like Ricohjpnr01 (dvd +r) or Ricohjpnrw11 (dvd+rw).
If I don’t use booktype.exe on one media, burning and reading are fine. I leave booktype open when burning.
I don’t try with another software but for me it’s enough I don’t want to make dozen of coasters. I prefer dvd +r which work without booktype dvd-rom than bad dvd +r with booktype dvd-rom.
I send a mail to Liteon but they don’t answer to me.

Have you tried phoning them?

No, i didn’t phone them, I don’t believe that phone support could help me.
I will try next version of booktype.exe.
I have also an Artec dvd +R/RW (~Ricoh) witch perfectly burns dvd +R/RW booktype “dvd-rom” setting by default with dvdinfopro.
And perhaps nero or dvdinfopro in the future can set 451S and it will work?

I don’t think Nero works good at all in dvd burning…
May be u should try RecordNow4.6, after all it’s the software that’s packed with the drive…

here’s the one i used Booktype with Record@4x, 451s (GSB07). It’s true that more error at the end, but acceptable i think.

Be aware that Ricoh media varies in quality quite largely lately. Even within the same spindle the quality can vary.