Liteon in External Box. Kprobe works or not? I need to decide today!

I have a Liteon 812S and I might need to move it to an external enclosure. I need feedback from users who have had experience running Kprobe scans on Liteon drives in external USB boxes. This is all I would be using this for. Much thanks, I need to make up my mind today as the price goes up at midnight.

Thanks guys.

Should work without problems, just remember to switch the interface to SPTI.

@ chas0039
my 851@832 works great!

Much thanks guys, you input is essential.

@ chas0039
One big point I should mention is the compatability of many non-original external boxes. The big external enclosures thread is a must-read for you, because choosing the right one and/or having the easy option of replacing/exchanging would be high on my list of priorities. I didn’t mention that mine is a Lite-on original 851SX.

stuck my 52246s in a cheapo £17 off the market USB 2.0 enclosure and it works like a charm only get 18mb’s but its perfect for cd burning and the buffer is always at 97-98%

Thanks again to all of you; my ext. box works like a charm. Thanks especially for the tip on the driver. I never knew what the difference was and I never would have figured it out.