Liteon in a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 800s


I’ve got a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 800s, with two Liteon units in (Factory mounted.)

Its a LTD-163 and an LTR-24102B.

The strange thing with theese drives are that they seem to use Firmware that is not listed at Liteon’s web site (or here, I’ve done searches).

Nero CD-speed lists the LTD-163 as LTD163 VGIH3 and the LTR-24102B as LTR-24102B V5ISA.

I want to upgrade the firmware on both devices, but I’m unsure if it’s safe, since I’ve not been able to find any information on theese drivers.

What do you think, is it safe for me to flash the drives and install new firmware drivers?


If anyone’s interested, I had no problem at all upgrading to the latest firmware using MTKFlash.


Remove the ‘V’ and you get the real version.
Like you, I have never heard of ‘5ISA’.
Lite-On have an odd habit of shipping drives with “unofficial” firmwares, firmwares that are not avalible trough their homepage.
Dunno why, but they do that.

They make special firmwares for drives shipped to OEMs…like in this case: Fujitsu siemens.