LiteOn iHES206 Device ID change?

I need to change my " ATAPI iHES206 2 " Device ID I tried a hex editor with no luck. I need " ATAPI iHES206 1 " and " ATAPI iHES206 3 " since i cant have 3 of the same Devices on the same controller

You shouldn’t change the Device ID without knowing the consequences. It’s the controller that’s the problem, not the drive(s).

Whats the consequences besides not being able to update via official updater

If you just hex edit the firmware directly, I think that also means you must recalculate the checksum (and this may be different for different drives) for the firmware else it won’t actually run (it thinks the firmware has been corrupted - and rightly so because you had modified it).

As for consequences, I’m not sure exactly what consequences it might have without knowing how the firmware is coded and so on - but I can see not being able to update with the normal updater as a potentially hazardous inconvenience - i.e. you flashed it wrong, it has a different name, flasher refuses to flash the drive back … especially on other models where there are no recovery tools. But I know if you make a MISTAKE then the consequences can be dear.

I agree - it’s a controller problem if you can’t have the same device name on the controller multiple times - after all - I have systems with 4 of the same burner in them with no trouble. Just as a question - which controller are you using?

A intel onboard ICH10 under windows home server

i switched it to raid now it works

Nice to hear. Unfortunately I don’t have any hardware like that so I couldn’t be of real assistance.