LiteOn iHBS112 - what media has proven to give best quality?

Hi guys,

I’m in for a slow Blu-Ray migration and have made the decision pro LiteOn iHBS112, mainly due to budget reasons and scanning needs.

What single layer media has been proven to give the best archival quality with this drive and current firmware updates?

I would appreciate a couple of suggestion from the “meisters” here. :bigsmile:
But please no LTH media, since it’s organic dye and degrades faster, so it’s not the perfect choice for archiving important work.


I have had great results with Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden 2

Sounds good, but could you please specifiy some media codes or other details?

Verbatim, MCCORG20 Taiyo Yude TYG03

Hmm, isn’t TYG03 a DVD code?

Uh-oh, i’m a numnutz… :doh:

I’m asking specifically about BD-R media. Sorry that it was so unclear in my initial post.