LiteOn iHBS112 vs. LG BH10LS38 vs. Pioneer BDR-206 or another for Bluray and DVD writing?




I am looking for a very universal Bluray Writer, DVD writer, CD writer, and even BluRay Player. My requirements are:
-> excellent writing quality for all kind of (quality) media, i.e. BD-R, DVD-R and CD-R
-> decent Bluray player for movies (silent or silentable using software)

-> quality checking features would be a nice bonus :slight_smile:

I have read a lot of reviews, mainly about the three drives mentioned in my discussion title, which all are about the same price, but I am of course openminded to any other suggestion you might have. So which is, in your opinion, the best overall drive for my purpose?

Thanks alot.


[B]Dream on[/B], you will never find such a drive.


[QUOTE=chef;2625838][B]Dream on[/B], you will never find such a drive.[/QUOTE]

Okay, but what might be the best compromise of these drives? Or a better overall one?


All three listed drives have flaws, there is no allround overall best drive yet, probably never will be.
Obviously engineers these days focusing on BD write improvements, DVD and CD is more than 3rd stage.

From what I’ve read so far all 3 drives giving good BD write performance, but in the end it depends on the used BD brands and speeds.
Maybe you have a look at the external Samsung 506.


In general my preference would be:


For specific media things might be different. Some drives like some media better than others, and this varies depending on the drive and on the media used. My advice is to have a look at what good quality media you can source in your own country and then check the relevant threads from the BluRay Forum section ( for these 3 drives to see the typical media scans you’re likely to get for this media…

To complicate things further, only the LiteOn can perform (reliable) quality scans…