Liteon iHBS112, iHBS212, iHBS312

Liteon iHBS112 review - Looking for the Liteon iHBS112 review? Check out the full Liteon iHBS112 review here.

Verbatim -R 16x (MIUAE i believe)
Burn speed 8x
Firmware CL04

any bluray scans, vroom?

[QUOTE=dynamis;2530482]any bluray scans, vroom?[/QUOTE]

You will have some in the next week, if all goes to plan.

I burned/wasted a couple of BD-R DL Verbatims with this burner and my Samsung BD-C6500 has trouble accepting them. It takes 5-10 tries to load the discs - player keeps ejecting them… Same brand Verbatims burned with an older LiteOn DH-4B1S were loading into BD-C6600 without a glitch but had some freezes during playback due to poor burn quality. Burn quality with iHBS112 is OK as you can see from the scans below

UPDATE: upgraded firmware on my Samsung BD-C6500 and now, discs loading good. Not wasted after all :slight_smile:

Panasonic 6x BD-R
MEIRA1 (001) @12x

SONYNN3(002) @12x

nice burns! plus it scans :stuck_out_tongue: difference between 10x and 12x is around a minute? still testing out the lg 10x burner. is the bdr-205 still considered to be the best burner?

TDK 6x BD-R(Made in UAE)
TDKBLDRBD (000) @6x

Digimaster 4x BD-R
RITEKBR2 (000) @4x

Panasonic 6x BD-R DL
MEIRB1 (001) @8x

Here is the BD media table. The firmware table has no revision code info.

Media Code Speed Edit V SE

Firmware: ATAPI   iHBS112   2     CL04 2010/05/20 20:10
Bootcode: ATAPI   iHBS112   2     0L01

BD-R     supported media types:   41
BD-R DL  supported media types:   11
BD-RE    supported media types:   11
BD-RE DL supported media types:    4

BD-R     supported media types:   41
CMCMAG   BA2    2x
CMCMAG   BA3    4x
CMCMAG   BA5    6x,4x
Daxon    R2X    2x
Daxon    R4X    4x
INFOME   R30    4x
ISMMBD   R01    4x
LGEBRA   S04    4x
LGEBRA   S06    6x,4x
MAXELL   RS1    2x
MBI      R04    4x
MBI      R06    6x,4x
MEI      RA1    12x,10x,8x,6x,4x
MEI      T01    2x
MEI      T02    4x
OTCBDR   002    6x,4x
PHILIP   R02    2x
PHILIP   R04    4x
RITEK    BO1    4x
RITEK    BR1    2x
RITEK    BR2    4x
RITEK    BR3    12x,10x,8x,6x,4x
SONY     NN2    4x
SONY     NN3    12x,10x,8x,6x,4x
SONY     NO1    2x
SONY     NS1    2x
SONY     NS2    4x
TDKBLD   RBA    2x
TDKBLD   RBB    4x
TDKBLD   RBD    6x,4x
TDKBLD   RDA    2x
TYG-BD   Y01    2x
TYG-BD   Y03    4x
UMEBDR   014    4x
UMEBDR   114    4x
VERBAT   IMa    2x
VERBAT   IMc    4x
VERBAT   IMe    6x,4x
VERBAT   IMu    6x,4x
VERBAT   IMv    4x
VERBAT   IMw    2x

BD-R DL  supported media types:   11
CMCMAG   DI6    6x,4x
MEI      RB1    8x,6x,4x
MEI      T01    2x
MEI      T02    4x
RITEK    DR2    4x
TDKBLD   RFA    2x
TDKBLD   RFB    4x
TDKBLD   RFD    8x,6x,4x
VERBAT   IMb    2x
VERBAT   IMd    4x
VERBAT   IMf    6x,4x

BD-RE    supported media types:   11
CMCMAG   CN2    2x
LGEBRE   S01    2x
MAXELL   ES1    2x
MBI      E02    2x
MEI      T01    2x
PHILIP   W02    2x
RITEK    BW1    2x
SONY     ES1    2x
TDKBLD   WBA    2x
TDKBLD   WDA    2x
VERBAT   IM0    2x

BD-RE DL supported media types:    4
MEI      T01    2x
SONY     ED4    2x
TDKBLD   Wfa    2x
VERBAT   IM1    2x

Only three media can reach 12x, i didn’t expect that.

I did not expect that there are no other BD-R supporting 8x or 10x burning speed. Looks like they concentrated their efforts on three of the media that can reach 12x to call the drive a 12x BD burner. Compared to a LG BH12 it has a bad BD media support. Well, this drive is Liteon’s first try for a BD writer and LG released their first GBW-H10N in 2006, so LG already knows what Liteon still has to learn. It takes time to tune the media support.

Thanks [B]ala42[/B], now we need to wait for a new firmware.

UPDATE 2: I just discovered that all Verbatim BD-R DL discs I burned with this burner NOT readable in Pioneer BDR-205 (Firmware 1.08) WTF?! See the “Disc Info” pics of the same disc in both drives below

I am lucky I wasted only 3 BD-R DL discs with LiteOn and decided to try a Pioneer BDR-205. The burn quality is better too. I am attaching the scans of the same media - Verbatim Data Life BD-R DL x2 - burned with Pioneer BDR-205 and scanned with LiteOn at x8 and x4 speeds

I think I’ll be using Pioneer for burning and keep LiteOn for scanning. The scans bellow were burned with LiteOn iHBS112. The burn quality is inconsistent - compare with the scans I posted a few weeks ago. Same media but even a burn strategy looks different…

TY value line 8x burned at 8x

TY value live +R 8x @ 8x
The drive is on was on an external USB case, and all disk have perfect TRT up to16x.