Liteon iHBS112 burning at x1 Can it be improved?



I am having some problems burning with my Liteon iHBS112 PL06 because I can only get it to burn at x1 speed on Sony x6 SONYNN3 (002). Whereas some cheap and nasty Aone X4 PHILIPR04 (000) will burn at x10 with Nero but I would not trust them for anything that I want to keep at any speed let alone x10.

I have tried Codeguys settings utility and enabled all the options, smartburn was enabled and I have enabled hyper tuning, over speed writing and hyper tuning which were disabled. I have rebooted since doing that but nothing has improved, they can still only be burnt at x1 which takes an eternity which should not be necessary.

Is there any reason for the slow burning speed? Even x2 which should be possible with over speed writing and it would be an improvement.


So you’re asking the drive to burn at 4x, 6x, etc, and Nero tells you it’s only able to write at 1x?

NN3 should be supported in that firmware at 6x, as it was supported in earlier firmware/drive revisions at 6x. Has the problem always occurred, or is it something brand new?


Thank you for helping.

Nero only has one burn option for this media which is x1 on the Liteon and the same on my Pioneer BDR-206D bluray drive.

I would like to burn at anything above x1, x6 the rated speed would be nice.

The disks have never burnt at more than x1 and I do not know why.

Is there anything other than Nero that will show me the speeds available for this media with my drive(s)?


You can try ImgBurn. It’s another burning tool that we basically recommend a lot around here (almost too much :p).

The 206 should support NN3 at rated speed, so I agree that something is not working properly here.


Thank you Albert.

The problem was with Nero, an old OEM version that I have been using since Win XP days. Rare burning and using what was available until now meant I did not check for any problems.

I took a look at some freeware burning software but a lot of it contains open candy, even Imgburn contains it now.

All I really needed was a file browser where I could add files that I want to burn with maybe an occasional iso.
CDBurnXP does what I need but I did encounter some problems with it, once again with the burn speed. The other freeware did not really appeal to me or do what I need.

###Open Candy### burnaware_free_v3.4.exe
###Open Candy### cdburnxp_setup_4.5.4.5118.exe
###Open Candy### cdbxp_setup_x64_4.5.4.5118.msi
###Open Candy### SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe
###Open Candy###trueburner_v2.3.exe