LiteOn IHBS112-115 vs IHBS312-31

I’m looking for a bluray writer and I’ve narrowed it down to
LiteOn IHBS112-115
LiteOn IHBS312-31
Pioneer BDR-208DBK

I’m interested in quality scanning so I have to stick to the liteons, but I have 2 questions.
Is the pioneer a better burner ? It seems that this is the general view in the forum, although the scans I’ve seen of the 312 seem just fine.
Also what is the difference between 112 and 312. I know 112 is older but I’ve looked at the spec sheets on liteon’s site and searched the net and the forum but there doesn’t seem to be any difference. At least 212 had lightscribe to differentiate it. :wink:

i just bought a 208DBK and its worth every penny :slight_smile:

And there is no real difference between 112 and 312. The 312 is just a newer release of the 112.

That’s what I thought. So then I should go for the 112 which is a little cheaper and easier to find. Any comments on the write quality ? I’ve seen the scans and they look fine but I get the idea that it’s not considered top quality burner.

I also saw something about problems with LTH. I only use quality DVDs (TY and verbatim) and I plan to so the same with something that holds 25GB but unfortunately not all verbatim disks say if they’re LTH or HTL. TY seem to be exclusively LTH (at least the ones available here).