Liteon iHASx24 drives: Crossflashing *within* a series (for C, D, and E series/revision drives)



Exactly is your mistake.:wink:
I found a catalog from you - are thoroughly confused firmware ABSH \ ACSH


I by no means have a lot of firmware to DH16ABSH \ LH



Is it possible to crossflash a Plextor PX-891SA to a LiteOn iHAS124 C? I am not sure if after flashing I need to use convert as I read some posts about repair checksum instead. Can anyone list the necessary steps? Also can anyone provide a working link for the firmware to flash all links I found in the forum seem to be dead?


Here you have the firmware as in the image.

Plextor PX-891SA do crossflash just like all other PLDS DH24ACSH constructions.
You first remove the Eeprom Areas security and uploading the firmware. You should not need to change checksums.
On the screen shown the instruction for this construction.


I think the above steps show cross-flashing of iHAS124 C to PX-891SA. Are the steps the same for cross-flashing PX-891SA and DRW-24B5ST to iHAS124 C? Also cross-flashing iHAS122 C to iHAS124 C? Are there any additional steps needed for the Asus and Plextor drives?


All crossflash operations are identical for all PLDS -DH24ACSH constructions.


I remember after cross-flashing I had to use convert drive using the EEPROM utility. Is this not necessary with these drives?


If you properly remove Areas first you just need to download the firmware.
All operations look like on screen in my post above.


By remove Areas do you mean check the box Restore the Protected Areas of the EEPROM and then backup EEPROM? If I want to cross-flash back to the original firmware do I need to restore EEPROM or not?


You do not need to restore Eeprom copies.
All you have to do is remove the Protection Areas and the Eeprom protection is deactivated once.