LiteOn iHAS624 B GL2A firmware with DVD9 Overburn

I always wanted to have the latest GL2A firmware with dvd9 overburn, after a few hours comparing changes in c4eva(iXtreme) GL29 firmware with hexadecimal editor I was able to unlock gl2a.

I haven’t tried burning dvd9 with overburn yet, can someone confirm if it works? thanks.

GL2A_v2.bin (2 MB)

EDIT: Yes, it works correctly.

LiteOn iHAS424 B GL1B firmware:
GL1B_v2.bin (2 MB)

LiteOn iHAS224 B GL0B firmware:
GL0B_v2.bin (2 MB)

Credits to c4eva! Thanks


Awesome! Thank you very much! Were there any issues with firmware checksums after patching?

Are there issues with the readabilty of such overburned DVD DLs on other drives?
I’ve noticed that a lot of drives, even modern BD writers, can not read overburned single layer DVD Rs. Either can’t read the file(s) that go beyond nominal capacity, or can’t read them at all.

@blackened2687 Edited bin fixed with mcse (Ala42 tool) :+1:
@Oinker Initially this will only work for xbox users.

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