LiteOn iHAS324

I purchased the LiteOn iHAS324 for 2 reasons.

1.) I have (2) 20x LG burners which are exactly the same model and sometimes it was annoying which burner the software was referring to.
2.) It was SATA and @ $35.00 - I thought well if it sucks I’ll throw it away - no big deal.

Well I’m about to toss it in the trash

Are people using some custom firmware to make this thing even decently fast ? (this has firmware - BL17)
(I just installed BL-1A as SmartPack claimed it to be newer)
I did some test burns against the LG -
using a 650mb ISO, I burned it once on the LG and again on the new LiteOn
The LG constantly burned an image nearly a whole minute faster.

The 650mb ISO took barely under 4 minutes @ 48x on Verbatim CD-R
It takes about 2:55 on the LG

Is it normal for the cheaper drives to not care too much about any burning speeds except the touted 24x DVD-R ?
Everything on my computer is high quality - I know better than to buy something just because its cheap - I mean there is a reason its cheap -
should I just toss it and get a Samsung on Plextor ?


OK - the 1A firmware seemed to help a little.

the same 650mb ISO took 3:30 to burn - shaving about :30 seconds off.

I might keep it.

I am getting ready to do a corei7 build and both drives will be Plextors - but I do alot of burning (usually CD for software) and want something decent.

I think some of the new Plextors are Liteons too.

Wow I wouldnt have thought that - to me it seems like saying some of the new Mercedes are actually Hondas.

I have only had (2) Lite-On and both didnt last very long so I dont have a very good opinion about them - I have also had (2) LG and (2) Plexxies - all were decent

I admit I am do not know much about burner hardware specifics -

I just wanted to know if the reason for the slow burn times were because I just bought a pile of junk -

I used Nero 7 to do those test burns - but started using Imageburn and will try some more tests with that instead as I have really been turned off by Nero (hence the reason for me not upgrading to Nero 8, or 9)

LiteOn drives take their time with writing the lead-in and lead-out. LG drives tend to just blast through the lead-in and lead-out a good bit faster. The LG drive might also have a more aggressive 48x writing strategy than the LiteOn. But that time turned in by the LiteOn still seems…somewhat reasonable of a time for 48x.

All of the newest Plextor DVDRW drives are rebadges, and the latest choice for their rebadging does indeed appear to be LiteOn. So you would pay a bit more for the same hardware, with few performance improvements.

It might be worth it to check, using Nero DiscSpeed or Nero CD/DVD Speed [whichever is available with your version of Nero] to see if the LiteOn drive decides to write at a speed lower than 48x, or if indeed it is just less aggressive at that speed than the LG. DiscSpeed/CD-DVD Speed can usually be found in Nero’s “Tools” folder. Insert a blank CD-R into the iHAS324, go to the “Create Data Disc” tab in CD-DVD Speed, click start, wait for the disc to finish writing, and post a screenshot, please. :slight_smile:

You can use the little floppy disc icon visible near the Start button to take a shot of just the CD-DVD Speed window, and attach an image to your next post. (If you are unsure how to do that, please see this thread.)