Liteon iHAS324-07 WU



I have liteon iHAS324-07 WU. for rpc1 i think i have right firmware(LiteOn iHAS324 W Firmware HL18) from liggy’s but binflash won’t flash with checksum error even in ide pio4 mode. and codeguy’s flash utility write button is greyed out. Any one knows a way to flash this drive?


Which firmware version does this drive have?


It says it’s HL1A


Could you please make and upload the dumps of this firmware and its bootcode?.

Latest version of BinFlash should make proper dump from the drive (it works properly with latest versions of iHAS122 W and iHAS124 W firmwares).

For bootcode (and extra data) dumping use special patched version of BinFlash (by CrazyCat):

If you will share the dumps, Liggy maybe could help with the RPC1 patch (if he will find some spare time).



dumped file using bin flash is here

dumped with patched bin flash and i believe it’s a bootcode is here