Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)

Yep, the PIF-cluster is not nice, but your combination seems to have not the problem of very bad burning at the begin of the media.

Where is your media made?

The media was made in Taiwan.

Like my actual MCC 004, I´m not sure whether it´s only the media or is the iHBS better with it than actual LiteOn-DVD-drives

When were these made?

Sep 2018.

That´s real surprising, my 2017-media is much more worse

Looks like Vinpower announced new drive firmware to fix MCC 004 quality issue.

Change Log:
• Finetune Verbatim 16x DVD+R Media (MCC 004)
• Further Improve Drive Stability in extreme conditions

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Thank you, I will try this soon

I recently bought a new iHAS124 F and it arrived with firmware CL9N. Is this the latest? PLDS SmartPack Utility finds no newer firmware to download.

I guess Smartpack don´t support any newer drives or LiteOn don´t offer FW-Updates for older drives. My oldest 124F have CL9J and never gets an update, my newer 124F have CL9M, same

Don´t know what LiteOn do, newer x24F come with newer FW, but dunno if there anything is changed.

Besides, 324F, at least the one I have are some versions behind, still on CL8x

I think PLDS SmartPack Utility works for older drives (if they don’t already have the latest firmware). It’s for newer drives that is not working.

Can´t remember which the last working drive was, maybe my x24C?

Newest 124F I have

Firmware CLDM? I can’t understand the sequence in the naming from firmware CL9N that my last bought iHAS124 F has. Did you recently buy this?

Was in a PC named Wortmann Terra PC-Business 5060

And it looks not like an OEM/Rebadged drive, so I´m also confused about the FW

Has anyone else purchased an iHAS122/iHAS124/iHAS324 F recently with a firmware date in 2018 or 2019?

I guess it´s hard to find. My last 324 F had a manufacture date on February 2018 and the FW CL8N were from 13.10.2016

Other point:

I have @work now 5 PCs with 124F-drives, 4x CL9M and the one with CLDM. First I thought it is only an issue with CMC MAG D03, but now I have problems with different types of SL-media. Sometimes the 124F don´t recognize the media, spins up and down for minutes. A restart of the PC mostly helps, but this problem is not nice.

The other drives I use @work are 224BB, GHC0N, DVR-S21L, DVR-217, GH22NS40, AD-7290H don´t have this problem

It’s probably a waste of time to report the problem to LiteOn, but I would try anyway. I too have several of their drives and I am annoyed by the lack of support.

LG isn better in my experience. Tried to ask the support about the problems with MBIR06, ask when the BH16NS60 will be availabe here, never get an answer.

The prob with the LiteOns are happen randomly, hard to repeat it