Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)



No Multi-logo on my iHAS124 F from 2016, but my iHAS124 E from 2014 has it.


In my experience all drives from last decade with Multi-Logo have DVD-RAM-support. My x24F-series have only these Logos:



Then I guess my iHAS124 F does not have DVD-RAM support.

I wonder if it is possible to cross-flash this drive.


Could be hard. It could be that some QSI-Pioneers and LGs have the same chipset but different OPUs etc. .

I rarely use DVD-RAM and have enough drives which support it, so I can live with it :wink:


I don’t mean cross-flash to have DVD-RAM support, but for better firmware. I was thinking specifically about Plextor. Previously it was possible to cross-flash an iHAS124 C to a PX-891SA. I wonder if it is the same with an iHAS124 F to a newer Plextor.


Not sure whether Vinpowers Rebadges really have other writing-strategies


Maybe not but I think they have better support.


Remember this :wink: ?

If Vinpower don´t modify the write-strategies, which support do you mean?


Looks like a similar problem, same write strategy for MCC 004 with Piodata? But at least with Vinpower you have someone that speaks proper English to complain!


I know Vinpower have some other features like 8x for some CD-R-media, 4x for some 16x DVD-media and something for robotic-autoloader.

I can try to contact em and show my Piodata-scan, maybe they show some reaction


I tried crossflashing my iHAS124 F drives to various unofficial dumps of Vinpower Plextor PX-891SAF firmwares. (The iHAS124 F originally had factory default firmwares of CL07 and CL98).

It is certainly doable. I don’t know if there’s much benefit in doing so.


I tried crossflashing my iHAS124 F drive with factory default firmware CL06, to the CL98 firmware.

It is doable.

(I haven’t tried the vice-versa arrangement).


Do you remember what is the most recent firmware for Plextor PX-891SAF? And you did not cross-flash back to LiteOn from Plextor?


I don’t know offhand. Our friends at cdrinfopl might know.

I don’t have any real Plextor PX-891SAF drives.


I mean did you cross-flash the iHAS124 F back to LiteOn after you tried the Plextor firmware?


Yes. Back to their original firmwares.


Lets hope Vinpower is the real deal and they have a full time firmware employee person who knows all the technicalities of programming firmware.


Culling through some threads, these are the Plextor PX-891SAF firmwares which show up.

1.V9 - 2016/07/06

1.V6 - 2016/02/26

1.00 - 2015/01/26


On vinpower’s web site, the most current Plextor firmware is 1.JF which was officially released on January 21, 2019.


That’s a very recent firmware. Maybe it’s worth cross-flashing just for that.