Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)



I have an iHAS124 F with support for DVD-RAM from 2016 and it has firmware CL99. I think that iHAS124 F no longer come with support for DVD-RAM. Are the more recent firmware compatible with the drive that I have?


Not officially.

I don’t know if I would upgrade the firmware with an unofficial dump of the CL9M firmware, for an iHAS124 F drive that is being used for productive purposes (ie. an office desktop).

Though for “hobby” purposes, there is an unofficial dump of the CL9M firmware in the above linked cdrinfopl page. The unofficial flash utility program will write such unofficial firmware dumps to iHAS124 F drives.


Are you sure it has DVD-RAM support?

What does Opti tell you about this drive?


I do have an Asus “DRW-24F1ST c” drive with an October 2016 manufacturing date, which was clearly a LiteOn iHAS124 F rebadge. (IIRC, I purchased it sometime in 2017).

I crossflash the unofficial CL9M firmware (from cdrinfopl) using the unofficial flash utility program to my DRW-24F1ST drive. It appears to be fine.


I don’t have it connected now to check, but I could be wrong. Why is there not official firmware available?


Good question.

If I had to guess, dvdr drive manufacturers probably only really do official firmware upgrades if there are serious enough bugs in a previous firmware.


LiteOn firmware used to be available through PLDS SmartPack Utility. Now this does not seem to work. For example, I have an iHAS124 B with firmware AL0R and it reports “No newer updates”, but I know that there is firmware AL0S.



I noticed on your posts on the thread Moser Baer India DVD+R DL

mentioned you were using iHAS124 F drives with firmwares CL9J and CL9M.

If these are the factory default firmwares, what were the manufacturing dates of these iHAS124 F drives with CL9J and CL9M firmwares?


My guess is if anybody wants a LiteOn drive manufactured in 2018, the first place I would look would probably be the recent stock of Vinpower Plextor/Optiarc/PioData drives.

None of my local computer stores carry Vinpower. (They won’t even special order it).

So I keep an eye on amazon’s stock of current Vinpower Plextor/Optiarc/PioData drives, where amazon is actually carrying it themselves. (I don’t trust third party dealers for dvdr drives).


I am asking because of the problem with bad burns using MCC 004 media.

I could get a new iHAS124 F as a local shop has drives manufactured in 2018, but from what I understand even drives with the latest firmware have this problem. Unless I am mistaken?


If MCC 004 has been a known problem for a long time and LiteOn hasn’t done anything about it through several firmware revisions already (ie. CL09, CL98, CL99, CL9F, CL9J, CL9M, etc …), then most likely a 2018 manufactured LiteOn drive would not do much about it either.

(ie. Due to laziness).


It is a problem with CL99 and I think newer firmware (not sure about the latest). Only suggestion from LiteOn support was to return the drive if under warranty! Which shop will replace a drive if it only has problem with a specific media?


My local computer stores will accept returns for refund within 2 weeks after purchase, for most stuff including dvdr drives. (As long as the item is still in a sellable condition).


CL99 was first publically released in March 15, 2016 as an official update.

I have an iHAS124 F drive with a September 2016 manufacturing date, which had a factory default CL9F firmware.

The CL9M firmware has a 2016/10/13 date.

How long ago was this MCC 004 problem first known? If this problem was not known back in 2016, then most likely it will not be corrected in the CL9M firmware update.

The only way to know whether there were any further firmware updates after CL9M, would be to buy an actual LiteOn iHAS124 F manufactured in 2018 or 2019.

Googling for possible strings after “CL9M”, largely turns up nothing related to dvdr drives. (ie. CL9N, CL9O, CL9P, CL9Q, CL9R, CL9S, CL9T, etc …)


The same policy could be the case here too, but I am talking about returning within the warranty period.

I always had LiteOn drives, but I mostly use them for disc quality testing. I learned about this problem only recently. I don’t know for how long this problem is known, but I recently did some test burns with all the LiteOn drives I own and I noticed a similar problem with iHAS124 E.

I don’t mind buying a new drive, but I do not want another one with the same problem!


If I was still into the burning/quality stuff, I would still be using my LiteOn drives for such purposes. (I was briefly into this back in the 2000s decade, where I would buy small cakes of discs to try out on various drives).

Nowadays I mostly use my LiteOn drives for ripping music cd discs. (I don’t trust my LG drives for ripping audio cd discs).


The only (recent) LG drive I own (ASUS DRW-24D5MT) burns nicely the same MCC 004 media that LiteOn drives burn so badly.

So, it shouldn’t be a media problem.


Yep, my 1st 124F from 2016 have the original FW CL9J, my latest purchase have CL9M

So far I didn´t noticed a difference


Have your old 124F a Multi-logo on the bezel? All my F-drives don´t have this logo, my x24B have this logo


I dropped by a local computer store earlier this evening on my way home.

I didn’t see any liteone drives, but I did see several Asus DRW-24B1ST they had in stock.

It looked like a LiteOn rebadge, with the same style of metal casing as my other recent half-height LiteOn drives (ie. iHAS124 F or E). They all had an August 2018 manufacturing date.


What is date on the CL9J firmware? (Opti should tell you this).

No LiteOn logo on my iHAS124 F drives’ bezel.