Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)



Just bought a new iHAS124-14 FU with firmware CL99 and manufactured date February 2016.

First I tried setting region to RPC1 using Settings Utility v1.2.1, but all buttons were greyed out. How can I change the region setting?

I then checked information using Smart-Burn Media Check v3.5.5 and I noticed that the Drive Type was identified as DVD DUAL instead of SUPER ALLWRITE and also I didn’t see the CD/DVD Life Record Count and CD/DVD Record Count values as in previous drives. Does anyone know if these are recent changes?



Super AllWrite: DVD-RAM support was last confirmed with…the B series? Maybe C series? But not much after that. F series is definitely known to lack it.

As for the other bits: what was the last LiteOn drive you had in this computer that supported those functions?


I have B and C and they both support those functions.




Optodisc DVD-R’s PIE looks very good! I recently used the New TY(CMC Pro) made by CMC, the overall PIE is around 200~300 level…
I guess there is no more TY Myth…


Based on the Intel I got, Liteon stop supporting DVDRAM due to license fee issue.
If you cross flash it back to CL09, it should support.


Thanks for the info (seen it before today), but it´s not a problem for me. I use DVD-RAM rarely and have many other drives which support it



Does LiteOn still even make these iHAS124/iHAS324 F drives for general retail?

Over the past year or so, I have not seen the iHAS124 / iHAS324 F drives at any local offline computer shops.

Besides manufacturing drives for Vinpower (ie. LiteOn rebadges for their nu-Plextor, nu-Piodata, nu-Optiarc, etc … line of duplication grade dvd drives), does LiteOn still manufacture OEM drives for anybody else ?

As mentioned earlier today in another thread on here, I have noticed recently ASUS has discontinued LiteOn rebadges for their DRW-24F1ST line of generic dvd drives, and changed to LG rebadges for their current versions of DRW-24F1ST (since December 2017).

Over the past few years since late-2015 or so, the Asus DRW-24F1ST drives I have were all LiteOn iHAS124 F rebadges until today.


I´m not sure if I get you right, but I never saw the 124 F as retail, only the 324. Both drives are available in many shops in Germany. More rare is the 122 F (bulk)


Over the past several years, I have only seen the iHAS324 F drive once in a local computer shop. In my locale and other nearby bigger towns, the iHAS324 model was quite rare.

The iHAS124 F drive was more widely available in local computer shops. I have never seen the 122 F drive in any local shops.


Thought the 324 F last time I was in a Mediamarkt-discounter

The 122 F is IMHO the same as a 124 F with other FW and max 22x write speed

Internal drives are generally rare in shops here, if the shop have any internal drive it´s mostly LG, in the past you also get Samsung-drives


Same here. Most of the drives in stock at local computer shops are external drives.

Nowadays internal drives are in a small tiny section in the nearby local shops, consisting mostly of LG and ASUS.

The last time I saw any Samsung dvd drives, was sometime in late 2017. They were mostly leftover inventory of TSST SH-224GB models with a March 2016 manufacturing date. (ie. Probably the last batch made before TSST filed for bankruptcy).


Were at last friday in another Mediamarkt, found the 324F for 21,99€ and an external drive (ES1 if I remember correct). Nice to see these products in this big discounter :slight_smile:

The strange thing, in mediamrkts Online-shop I don´t find these drives, only LG and Asus



Has anyone recently purchased an iHAS124 F or iHAS324 F with a manufacture date in 2018 or later? What firmware did the drive come with?


I have not seen any iHAS124 F models since 2017.

The latest known firmware for iHAS124 F appears to be CL9M. The earliest mention of it appears to be in March 2018.

The explicit date written in the CL9M firmware is 2016/10/13


(For reference).

The other previous known iHAS124 F firmware versions.

CL9F - 2016/05/27
CL99 - 2015/12/03

CL07 - 2015/03/27