Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)

First I thought the CL9M have problems with CMC MAG D03 which the CL9J don´t have. But this MID is old and my Philips seems to have extreme vary of quality.

MCC 004 is a problem for both FWs

And didn´t noticed a difference with the media I tried

Like I wrote some time ago, the newest MID of DVD-media I saw was in 2008 or 2009. I´m sure the media-properties changed with most of the MIDs which are still available but I doubt the drive-manufacturer change the write-strategies.

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Is it possible for somebody like CMC to buy up another company’s cdr/dvdr manufacturing facility, and still use CMC’s old MID on the latter’s facility output? (For example).

From what I saw CMC Pro (Powered by TY Technology) media are expensive, not necessarily because they are better, but because of the brand name. For this, it makes more sense to use the latter’s facility for the more expensive new media and not the old media.

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CMC just bought up TY just for the brand name, while still using their old junky discs?

Sounds like a legalized form of “false advertising” or putting lipstick on a pig.

For me it makes more sense to produce the CMC Pro (Powered by TY Technology) media in both facilities. But maybe they also need a cheaper line of products?

Hm, my last bought CMC DVD-R are really good:

The +R is not good, but better than some other actual media from MBI and FTI

The +R DL begins at OK and vary to unreadable

If this is indeed the case, it sounds like LiteOn has outsourced their tech-support to a third party company. If I had to guess, the “tech-support” is just somebody reading from a script. Basically brainless answers being parrotted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the dvdr optical drive division at LiteOn, is largely considered low priority nowadays. Basically management doesn’t give a damn anymore, and might be possibly looking for somebody else to buy their optical drive division (both research/development and manufacturing).

(From an historical perspective).

I wasn’t really around back in the day on these cdr/dvdr message boards. Though going through the archives of various message boads, I got the impression some technical/engineering LiteOn employees working on cdr/dvdr drives, use to post semi-regularly on various cdr/dvdr message boards.

The old support seems to be gone, that´s true.

Still wondering about new FWs at actual drives, but like LGs acual DVD-RW-drives it seems to be the developing have stopped, maybe also with MTK-chipsets?

But after all the problems with LGs GH24NSD1 I´m glad to still find LiteOns iHAS 124F which is much more quiet and much more reliable.

It seems like the same mediatek MT1862N / MT1862AN chipsets being used on LiteOn, LG, and Samsung drives since 2015 or slightly earlier. Basically 4+ years so far on the market for newly manufactured dvdr drives.

The MT1862N variant appears it might have only lasted a year or so, from mid-2014 until sometime in 2015. It was on GH24NSC0 (LK00 firmware with no svc code) , LiteOn iHAS124 F with factory default CL08 or earlier fw (ie. manufactured before October 2015 with dvd-ram), and Samsung SH-224FB.

The MT1862AN variant first appeared sometime in mid-late 2015 with the GH24NSD0 (or D1) in April 2015, and iHAS124 F with factory CL98 or later firmware without dvd-ram (manufactured October 2015 and later). The Samsung SH-224GB first appeared sometime in early 2016.

If one examines the timeline of previous mediatek chipsets, most didn’t last more than a year or two until a new version was made (typically with a smaller cache).

TBH, I know I wrote it often, but there is no reason to develope new chipsets. NO new media since 10 years, actually only a few ODD-media-manufacturer are left.

QSI is also out of this business, but I think they also use these MTK-chipsets for Pioneer 220/221.

Pioneer itself still using Renesas

In the absence of new drives/chipsets, at best somebody like vinpower might fine tune the firmware. (Though I doubt it will ever reach a state of perfection).

Nowadays I doubt LiteOn or LG will do much firmware updating, unless there’s a slight change in hardware components and/or serious bugs.

Yep, and both like to use different FW(-version-names?) for different drives, even if it is the same because the drive have the same chipsets

If I compare the media from 10 or more years ago and compare it with actual media I can see the media have changed a lot, even with the same MID. I guess the drive-manufacturer have not made adjusted it. They maybe still use the strategy from release of the media.

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Did you get any reply from them?

I bought my MCC 004 at Amazon and burned with Plextor 891SAF @16X.
The quality is very good!
Could it be the variation between the MCC 004 media?

Yes, actual MCC 004 could be made by MBI and CMC. Mine are from CMC (Made in Taiwan) and no newer LiteOn-drive like it, the burning speed doesn´t matter


Yes, I should use the new FW, but it don´t helped. need to contact them again

How do you know that the quality is very good?

I did some PIPO scanning.

I have seen better burns, but I don’t see the problem discussed above here.

Yep, the PIF-cluster is not nice, but your combination seems to have not the problem of very bad burning at the begin of the media.

Where is your media made?

The media was made in Taiwan.