Liteon iHAS124, iHAS324 F (DH24AF)

Optodisc DVD-R’s PIE looks very good! I recently used the New TY(CMC Pro) made by CMC, the overall PIE is around 200~300 level…
I guess there is no more TY Myth…

Based on the Intel I got, Liteon stop supporting DVDRAM due to license fee issue.
If you cross flash it back to CL09, it should support.

Thanks for the info (seen it before today), but it´s not a problem for me. I use DVD-RAM rarely and have many other drives which support it

Does LiteOn still even make these iHAS124/iHAS324 F drives for general retail?

Over the past year or so, I have not seen the iHAS124 / iHAS324 F drives at any local offline computer shops.

Besides manufacturing drives for Vinpower (ie. LiteOn rebadges for their nu-Plextor, nu-Piodata, nu-Optiarc, etc … line of duplication grade dvd drives), does LiteOn still manufacture OEM drives for anybody else ?

As mentioned earlier today in another thread on here, I have noticed recently ASUS has discontinued LiteOn rebadges for their DRW-24F1ST line of generic dvd drives, and changed to LG rebadges for their current versions of DRW-24F1ST (since December 2017).

Over the past few years since late-2015 or so, the Asus DRW-24F1ST drives I have were all LiteOn iHAS124 F rebadges until today.

I´m not sure if I get you right, but I never saw the 124 F as retail, only the 324. Both drives are available in many shops in Germany. More rare is the 122 F (bulk)

Over the past several years, I have only seen the iHAS324 F drive once in a local computer shop. In my locale and other nearby bigger towns, the iHAS324 model was quite rare.

The iHAS124 F drive was more widely available in local computer shops. I have never seen the 122 F drive in any local shops.

Thought the 324 F last time I was in a Mediamarkt-discounter

The 122 F is IMHO the same as a 124 F with other FW and max 22x write speed

Internal drives are generally rare in shops here, if the shop have any internal drive it´s mostly LG, in the past you also get Samsung-drives

Same here. Most of the drives in stock at local computer shops are external drives.

Nowadays internal drives are in a small tiny section in the nearby local shops, consisting mostly of LG and ASUS.

The last time I saw any Samsung dvd drives, was sometime in late 2017. They were mostly leftover inventory of TSST SH-224GB models with a March 2016 manufacturing date. (ie. Probably the last batch made before TSST filed for bankruptcy).

Were at last friday in another Mediamarkt, found the 324F for 21,99€ and an external drive (ES1 if I remember correct). Nice to see these products in this big discounter :slight_smile:

The strange thing, in mediamrkts Online-shop I don´t find these drives, only LG and Asus

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Has anyone recently purchased an iHAS124 F or iHAS324 F with a manufacture date in 2018 or later? What firmware did the drive come with?

I have not seen any iHAS124 F models since 2017.

The latest known firmware for iHAS124 F appears to be CL9M. The earliest mention of it appears to be in March 2018.

The explicit date written in the CL9M firmware is 2016/10/13

(For reference).

The other previous known iHAS124 F firmware versions.

CL9F - 2016/05/27
CL99 - 2015/12/03

CL07 - 2015/03/27

I have an iHAS124 F with support for DVD-RAM from 2016 and it has firmware CL99. I think that iHAS124 F no longer come with support for DVD-RAM. Are the more recent firmware compatible with the drive that I have?

Not officially.

I don’t know if I would upgrade the firmware with an unofficial dump of the CL9M firmware, for an iHAS124 F drive that is being used for productive purposes (ie. an office desktop).

Though for “hobby” purposes, there is an unofficial dump of the CL9M firmware in the above linked cdrinfopl page. The unofficial flash utility program will write such unofficial firmware dumps to iHAS124 F drives.

Are you sure it has DVD-RAM support?

What does Opti tell you about this drive?

I do have an Asus “DRW-24F1ST c” drive with an October 2016 manufacturing date, which was clearly a LiteOn iHAS124 F rebadge. (IIRC, I purchased it sometime in 2017).

I crossflash the unofficial CL9M firmware (from cdrinfopl) using the unofficial flash utility program to my DRW-24F1ST drive. It appears to be fine.