Liteon iHAS124, 224, 324, 424, 524, 624 C (DH24AC)



Reading should be less burdensome than writing, but overall it should also cause deterioration.

Don´t use actual a C-drive but I guess the B and D series are very similar.


It’s the first drive from what I can remember that died without showing any signs of hardware failure (with motor, tray etc). One minute it was working fine and the next it was dead.


Completely dead? No LED blinking, no noise?




My defect LiteOns, mostly old CD-ROM/RW, and DVD-RW died in an other way, the drives start to fail at recognize discs


I had a LiteOn that stopped recognizing discs and was replaced under warranty, but not this one.


This kind of defect isn´t known by me, and I had/have many drives. Maybe a soldering-poblem? Or a defect capacitor.


I still have the drive, but I did not bother to open it and check inside what might be the problem.


Dunno your electronic-skills :wink: , but I would take a look on the power-connector first, it´s the easiest.


The power connector looks fine. There are two small capacitors on the board, but they also look fine and I see no other soldering problem.


Now it´s getting complicated, except you have good skills and equipment to locate the problem