LITEON iHAS112-2 Dilemna



So, back in October of 2012, I ordered an iHAS112-2 Liteon Bluray burner, all was going well and after a while I noticed there was new firmware available for the drive (PL06). I proceeded to download this new firmware and immediately noticed a HUGE difference, playback of BD media was EXTREMELY choppy and read times had dropped below .5MB/s. At this point, I researched means to downgrade the firmware back to PL04 (the FW revision it came with) and for a while, the drive performed as it came stock. Then a few days later, it began to heinously slow down again, so I tried my hand at PL05, same results, so then I went back to PL04, no changes, then back to PL05, no changes, then PL03 (my currently installed revision)…

Now here’s the issue. Any Bluray I pop in, burned or not, EVEN RETAIL Bluray discs come up as Incompatible Medium. The drive has gone off the grid and windows wont even pop up with a “What do you want to do?” window. Opening the contents of the drive in My Computer (explorer) results in a “Please insert a disc to continue…” message.

I’m at a loss, I’ve flashed and re-flashed this drive into Oblivion and I’m thinking it’s time for an RMA…