Liteon ihas 624B firmware problem

Hello everybody :slight_smile: i’m a new member but an old lover of “tweakability” with pc XD
So this is my problem: I’ve a liteon ihas624 rev b with firmware BURNERMAX. Recently I had problems with burning so I decided to restore the original firmware. During the flash I got an error so the burner was bricked. I tried to re-flash the firmware with dosflah, the procedure is completed without errors but the LED flashes every 2 seconds and the liteon does not read any dvd or cd. I tried to restore the eeprom but I get an error of invalid file error.

Can anyone help me?


p.s. sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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You may want to try flashing your drive with Flash Utility, run as administrator, with the unscrambled 624B firmware from here before you mess with anything else. There certainly should be no reason to flash your eeprom. And always completely power off the drive after flashing.

thanks for the reply.
I done all that you told me and I power off the drive but the problem remains. :frowning:

Your drive came new as a 624B model? And you flashed it to burnermax firmware using flash utility originally? What kind of burning problems were you having that prompted you to try to flash it?

Yes. I have purchased the drive with original firmware and then I put the BURNERMAX using flash utility. with burnermax, after some time, I could no longer burn any kind of CD or DVD. After the burning process started gave me an error(with all burning software), while cd/dvd reading was fine. So tried to restore the original firmware using the official application taken from liteon site and now I find myself in this situation. led flashes every 2 seconds and the drive doesn’t read anything :\

maybe if someone can give me the firmware and eeprom backup I can try to put them back and see if he comes back to work. someone has the firmware e the eproom of ihas 624?

Eureka!!! the driver is back to work! :smiley: I found the eeprom backup of the 424b and I put it in my ihas624 … after I put the original firmware and everything works … I am very happy!!