Liteon Ihas 524b problem

Hi all,
i’m italian, so i’m sorry for my bad english.
As the post says,I have lots of problem with a liteon ihas 524b.
My friend accidentally write a liteon xbox firmware with jungleflasher over the ihas 524b
After that the os started to not recognise the writer.
With dosflash i manage to restore the firmware of the 524b and the os recognised the writer.
The problem is that now the ihas doesn’t read any dvd or cd, i think for the mismatched eeprom.
I’ve tried to restore the eeprom from the backup we have done one year ago but the writer still blinking. And if i try to do a checksum with Eeprom Utility, after i put the “correct” eeprom the program say “Sorry, the EEPRIM checksum cannot be repaired by this utility”.

What can i do now? I’m desperate!
Thank you in advance