Liteon ihas 124 e with lightscribe?




i just wonder can the ihas E be cross flashed with the ihas624 b bin. to be able to do lightscribe and labeltag?


Of course not. Different chipset.


As HM01 said, no. It’s a different chipset, so don’t think about crossflashing between any different series of drives. (A must remain A, B must remain B, … , E must remain E, and so on. The hardware is too different).

And if there is an iHAS624 E (or any other E drive out there that supports LightScribe), it would still be impossible; LightScribe requires extra hardware not present on other drives.


ok but if ihas 124 b can have lightscribe if cross flashed to 624 b so why would not 124 e can have the same if 624 e exists with lightscribe?
it is a firmware issue rather than hardware