LiteOn iHAP 322 9

I have this drive. I purchased it from Newegg. The firmware is 6L1C. I went to the LiteOn site and tried to update the firmware. It said I couldn’t because I had a “9” and it can only be used for a “4” or something along those lines.

(1) Is this firmware current?

(2) Where do I go to update the firmware at?

It seems like you have the latest firmware as only 6L1B is listed here. If you could use the Flash Utility from here to back up 6L1C and upload it somewhere.

LO did a 2nd chipset revision on the 22x drives, but only has firmware for the 1st chipset revisions on their site, so you aren’t likely to see any updates uploaded.

Actually, I forgot all about that PLDS has a program that you can install which will look for the newest firmware for your drive. You can find the newer software link here. It seems someone has reported getting 6L1E through it.

Yes, sorry, 6L1E is the latest firmware for this drive. I need to update my firmware page again.

Also there is some patched 6L1E firmware for your drive here:

I just got another one that has the “E” firmware.

(1) How do I update the one with the “C” firmware?
(2) Do I just download the file and it will ask me which drive, I don’t want to ruin them.
(3) What is the difference between the two firmwares?

Have you tried the SmartPack tool as suggested? It will search for your ‘C’ firmware and ask if you want to update to an ‘E’ firmware. Firmware updates usually include burning strategies for new media and may include some tweaks to existing media.

What and where is the SmartPack tool?

According to LiteOn: “SmartPack - Firmware Auto Upgade Program for Optical Storage Products.” Post three will show the link of where the latest is at.