Liteon HD-A970GX



i have recently obtained the A970GX, is anyone else using one? If so how do you like it?



Foxkilla where did you buy your HD-A970GX, as I would like to buy one?



I purchased on ebay from switzwerland, no problems with transaction see link

I have also disabled macrovision on the unit

regards Paul


Paul, thanks fo the info. Is your recorder working fine and was it new? Are you using UK or EU firware on it?

JUst in case it breaksdown does the seller offer free return and repair or will liteon uk repair it under the 2year warranty?

I want to buy this recorder but I know it will at some point need repair as I have been through about four 5045s and three 5055s. I like the features on the liteons thats why I stick with them for now.


Unit was brand new, i am using uk firmware, with ilo hack, i assume warranty to be via liteon, but have not checked, if mine was to fail either dvd player or hard drive would repair myself. This unit works very well and upscaling is brilliant
regards Paul


I would really like to know why the HD-A970GX
is not for sale in the USA. :a


Paul, yuo obviousely know how to change the dvd and hd drives in the liteons, I need to replace my dvd drive in my 5055gdl+, which one would you recommend I change it to? I am considering the liteon DW1670 also Benq8900 which are the same.

If you got any ideas please let me know.



i am still the only owner of this brilliant piece of kit?


Looks like it. :bigsmile:


foxkilla, I finally got my new A970GX yesterday. I have not had a chance to test all features yet, but I like the addition of the editing feature of marking point A and B an then deleting that unlike on my 5055gdl+ . No more splitting and joining!

I will upgrade to the macrovision disabled firmware at some point. Have you had any problems so far? I have had drives failing on all seven of my last liteons, so I expect it to happen on this at some point, but it could prove me wrong - hope so!

I need to replace the dvd drive on my 5055 and am exploring posts to see which would be the best option, if you or anyone have any ideas let me know.