LiteOn HD-A760 Larger 400 GB HD Upgrade Doesn't Really Work

Hello All,

I’m really having a lot of trouble trying to upgrade the HD to a 400 GB on this new LiteOn HD-A760, I’ve followed the various listed hacks listed below.

I’ve already followed Normedia Solutions Hardware Guides formatting steps to the letter with no success.

I’ve also followed totoro168 part I & II with regards to using mkdosfs.exe and fat32format.exe formatting also with no success.

When I use the mkdosfs.exe with this line

mkdosfs -F 32 -s 128 -S512 -v G:

After the HD formats I try and run chkdsk and chkdsk reports the HD is a RAW drive and can’t be accessed by chkdsk.

When I use the fat32format.exe with this line

fat32format -cxx (where xx is the sector size)

After the HD formats I try and run chkdsk and chkdsk reports the HD still has 32K cluster size and can’t be changed to 64K no matter what I put in the
-cxx command line.

After all these trials and errors still when I reinstall the HD back into the unit I always get the dreaded LiteOn HD read failure error on boot up, the only way I can get the new HD to read correctly is to do a erase all and have the new HD formatted back to the factory default.

Am I missing something here? Did LiteOn change something in the new HD-A760 firmware so these various hacks won’t work anymore?

So anybody got any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here or any advise or help here? I know I may be treading new ground here with this newer LiteOn HD-A760 unit.