Liteon HD A740GX

Hi forum

I have not posted here for a while, well not since hacking my lvw5005.
My probs now is not about hacking but the machine itself.
its seems a little tempremental, here are my problems, forgive me if i seem a little thick.
1- my machine does not like to play all my bought original dvd’s
2- when i record to hard-drive, i have not figured out how to delete individual recordings( this is where i am being thick)
3- is it not possible to record to hard-drive and play a dvd at the same time?

Any help offered will be greatly received,


Hi Matieboy

  1. Could be the sign of a drive that is starting to fail - maybe contact LiteOn for a replacement.
  2. To delete a recording - go to Contents, select video so that it starts playing, press Edit on RC, select Erase and then OK. You can go straight to Edit from the Contents screen but I found it then causes my 5055gdl+ to lock up so I always do it the above way now.
  3. All of the LiteOns will only do one thing at a time.


Hi Barfootp

Cheers for that, i was thinking about the drive being on the way out too.


Though the chipset they use allows for multiple things to be done.

Hi all Garry new member from Longridge in the Ribble Valley Lancashire.
Can any one heLP?
Is there any way to disable the copyright block on my Liteon HD 740 GX